A Debut Album by Meridian 65...
New from Meridian 65, an eleven-track album now available in MP3 format.

Meridian 65's music is indeed holding true to a commitment made long ago by founding
members; do the work as a service, and the music comes. It's Alternative Indie Rock at
its best, and every track has something to offer musically and lyrically. It really is a cool
ride through variations of the pop/rock genre, albeit with a large slice of the human
condition built right in.

Lyrically, this stuff is magic. The themes are about you and I, and you feel every line as
it explores the Pop genre, and all human demographics, you won't have to dig too deep
to find yourself inside of it. Listen to the tracks
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Meridian 65: Savage Skies
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Meridian 65 is a torch for anyone looking for the inspiration to
change their lives, to see the world through possibility and
change, and live the life they long for - for in the music, we can
find ourselves.

-Michael Plant
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Make no mistake, bringing the music, any music, to the public is an art form in and of
itself - we express our gratitude to those who have gone out of their way to assist us in
our endeavors, and understand the complexities, and the difficulties in bringing a
project to fruition. Meridian 65 represents much more than just a tune playing out of a
box, behind that facet of itself are very many experiences, triumphs, and hard-learned
lessons straight out of the book of life, and the essence of it all is seeing through, and
beyond the challenges that we are all presented with from time to time.

As a unified group, we wish to move beyond the old screen of pomp and circumstance,
and demonstrate through our works that overcoming the odds depends on the will and
passion of the person or persons. For us, success is measured by our willingness to
never accept the word "no" as a proper answer.
Meridian 65
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Listen to preview tracks from our forthcoming E.P. No Heroes. On
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